Free Internet For Schools

Empowering the InnovatorsofTomorrow

Unlock theWorld of Knowledge with Free Fibre for Schools

At 123NET, we understand the critical role the Internet plays in education. It's more than a tool; it's a powerful gateway connecting teachers and students to a vast universe of knowledge. Our "Free Internet for Schools" initiative is designed to nurture tomorrow's innovators. With speeds of up to 125Mbps International and up to 1000Mbps National and Local, we provide the high-speed connectivity essential for a modern educational environment.

Making It Happen: Simple and Accessible

Getting free Internet for your school is straightforward. We've streamlined the process to ensure every eligible school can easily access this high-speed opportunity.

Experience UnmatchedConnectivitywith 123NET Fibre

Embrace the freedom of unlimited connectivity with 123NET fibre. Our package features are meticulously crafted to ensure you enjoy an internet experience like no other. Here's what you can expect with our services:

Guidelines andEligibility: Fair and Focused

Right to Select:
123NET holds the right to accept or refuse applicants. This policy ensures the integrity and effectiveness of our program, making certain that it benefits those who need it most.

Coverage Area Compliance:
Only schools located within our approved coverage areas are eligible to apply. This criterion helps us to efficiently manage resources and maximize impact.

Three Easy Steps to Connect Your School to the Future with 123NET Fibre

Check Fibre Coverage for Your School

Is Your School in Our Coverage Area? Find Out Now!
Begin by using our Coverage Checker tool to see if your school is located within our Fibre network area. If your school is eligible for Fibre, you can easily proceed by following the on-screen prompts to submit your application.

Complete the Online Application Form

Applying Made Simple and User-Friendly
If your school has Fibre coverage, the next step is a breeze. Just follow the user-friendly prompts to fill out the online application form. We've streamlined the process to ensure it's as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Approval and Sign Up Process

Finalizing Your Free Fibre School Package
Our dedicated Fibre School team will carefully review your application. Upon approval, we'll send you an email link to complete the sign-up process for your free Fibre School package. It's the final step towards connecting your school to a world of endless possibilities.


Frequently AskedQuestions

What are the internet speeds offered by 123NET to schools?
123NET provides schools with high-speed internet connectivity, offering speeds of up to 125Mbps for International access and up to 1000Mbps for National and Local connections. These speeds are designed to support a wide range of educational needs, ensuring fast and reliable internet access for schools.
Who is Eligible to Sign Up for the 123NET School Initiative?
The 123NET School Initiative is open to all schools located within our Fibre network coverage areas. To check if your school is eligible, use our online coverage checker tool.
Are There Any Costs Involved with the 123NET School Initiative? Will My School Be Charged for Anything?
Absolutely not! With the 123NET School Initiative, there are no charges for your school. We cover all costs, including installation, activation, one ONU router, as well as the monthly rental for both the Fibre line and Internet service. We ensure a completely cost-free experience for eligible schools.
Is It Possible to Apply for Multiple Fibre Lines at the Same School Location?
Under the 123NET School Initiative, each school is eligible for only one free Fibre line. If you require additional Fibre lines at the same school, these can be arranged but will incur standard costs.
What Information Do I Need to Provide for My School's Application?
We have streamlined the application process to make it straightforward for you. When you click on "Apply Now," you'll be guided through each step. The process is designed to collect all necessary information from your school without any hassle.
What Forms Are Required to Complete the Application for the 123NET School Initiative?
To complete your application, you'll need to submit two key documents:

1. Application Form: This form gathers essential information about your school.

2. 123NET School Initiative Agreement: This document, accompanied by a Terms and Conditions form, needs to be signed and submitted.