Holiday Plans



123NET offers Holiday packages for its customers.
The customers can select different speed plans for every pre-paid weekly period (1, 2, or 4 weeks). The service is weekly based “use-when-needed” service.

Тhere is a once off fee of R3500 that needs to be paid upfront before your installation takes place. Our Holiday package works on a weekly basis. Please note that you will be charged on a weekly basis and not on a daily basis!

1 week service50% of selected package
2 week service75% of selected package
4 week service
100% of selected package
5 week service4 weeks + 1 weeks
1 week = 7 days

– What package you can choose?
You will be able to choose packages foem “HOME FIBRE” and you can select different speed anytime you resume your service free of charge.
– When (date) would you like the service to be activated / resumed?
– How many weeks would you like the service to be active? This is because of the reason you can be billed accordingly!

How it works?

In3 simple step.

1. The service can be resumed only after written request is sent via e-mail to 123NET Billing department ([email protected]).
2. On this email it needs to be stated when the service has to be resumed and for how many weeks!
3. The written request to [email protected] must be sent 3 to 5 days in prior! This period is for 123NET to create and send the Invoice to you and for you to have enough time to pre-pay the service.

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