About Us

About us

123NET: Redefining Connectivity inSouthAfrica

Welcome to 123NET, where we're not just providing internet services; we're crafting a digital revolution in South Africa. With our fusion of unbeatable prices, state-of-the-art technology, and unparalleled service, we're not just connecting people; we're empowering dreams and fueling progress. Our extensive FTTX solutions are the backbone of this transformative journey.

A New Era of Internet Services: Our Open Access Network

Revolutionizing Consumer Choice

  • Pioneering Network Sharing: We’ve shattered traditional models with our groundbreaking open access network, a first in South Africa. By collaborating with a diverse array of ISPs, we’ve created a shared fiber infrastructure, providing our customers with an unrivaled choice of services.
  • Spurring Market Evolution: This network ushers in a new era of competition, ensuring a vibrant spectrum of services and competitive pricing, thereby enriching the consumer experience.

Speed and Efficiency Reimagined

  • Rapid Infrastructure Expansion: Our visionary approach accelerates the deployment of fiber infrastructure, bringing high-speed internet to more people, more quickly.

Catalyst for Industry Growth

  • Elevating New Market Entrants: Beyond technological innovation, our network is a springboard for small and medium-sized ISPs, fostering a dynamic and diverse industry landscape.

The 123NET Signature: Our Unique 3-Tier Line

A Tailored Internet Symphony

  • Innovative Traffic Segmentation: Our exclusive 3-tier line system redefines internet usage. By dividing traffic into local, national, and international streams, we’ve crafted a symphony of connectivity that resonates with every user’s needs.
  • Versatile and Robust: This system is designed to elevate both personal and professional internet experiences, ensuring seamless and efficient connectivity for every online endeavor.

Crafting Exceptional Experiences: Our Service and Solutions

A Spectrum of Choices for Every User

  • Bespoke Packages: From luxurious home internet experiences to powerhouse business solutions, our packages are curated to satisfy the most discerning customers.

A New Benchmark in Customer Support

  • Unwavering Commitment: Our customer service transcends expectations, with innovative offerings like our holiday pay-per-use model and a support system that sets industry benchmarks.

Championing Social Responsibility

Securing Communities and Enlightening Futures

  • Strategic Security Alliances: In our quest to give back, we’ve partnered with elite security firms, providing state-of-the-art fiber services for community surveillance, fortifying the safety and well-being of neighborhoods.
  • Empowering Education and Healthcare: Our vision extends to offering free fiber services to public educational and healthcare institutions, embodying our belief in internet access as a cornerstone of societal advancement.

The 123NET Legacy: Excellence and Innovation

Unmatched Fiber Solutions

  • Seamless Project Execution: Our holistic approach encompasses everything from innovative project planning to flawless execution, all underpinned by our robust SLAs.

Infrastructure Mastery

  • A Network That’s Uniquely Ours: Our investment in proprietary infrastructure is a testament to our commitment to deliver an internet experience that’s not just fast, but also reliable and secure.

Customized to Perfection

  • Designed for You: We recognize the unique nature of every customer. Hence, we offer solutions that are not just solutions but personalized digital experiences, tailored to individual and business-specific requirements.

Better Connectivity For Your DigitalJourney

The 123NET Promise / Leaders in FTTX /Fromend-to-end solutions and full project management to industry-leading SLAs, our complete FTTX range stands testament to ourcommitmentto excellence.

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