Open Access Network

Discover High-Speed Connectivitywith123NET'sFibre To The Home Open Access Network

Seamless High-Speed Internet at YourFingertips

Welcome to 123NET's Fibre To The Home Open Access Network, your gateway to ultra-fast, reliable internet connectivity. Our network, spanning across the city, boasts a robust 10-gigabit capacity, delivering unbeatable speeds for all your online activities. Dive into seamless streaming, responsive online gaming, and efficient browsing with our top-tier fibre internet service.

Unparalleled Choice and Flexibility

At 123NET, we revolutionize how you choose your internet service. Our unique open access network model invites multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to operate on a shared infrastructure. This approach empowers you with a diverse range of ISPs to select from, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your specific needs. Enjoy the freedom of choice and the convenience of our flexible, month-to-month packages, all underpinned by our commitment to outstanding customer service.

Empowering ISPs, Big and Small

Our network is more than just a boon for end-users; it's a game-changer for ISPs of every size. By leveraging our infrastructure, ISPs can tap into a broad customer base without the hefty investments typically required to build their own network. This opens doors for smaller players, previously sidelined, to compete on an even playing field with larger, established names. It's a landscape of new opportunities and healthy competition, beneficial for all.

Why Choose 123NET?

123NET's Fibre To The Home Open Access Network isn't just about high-speed internet; it's a catalyst for economic growth and digital sustainability. By fostering competition and enabling diverse market entry, we're not only enhancing internet connectivity but also driving innovation and inclusivity. Choose 123NET for an internet experience that's not just fast and reliable, but also empowering and progressive. Join us at 123NET and be part of a digital revolution!

Open Network, Open Opportunities: AccessforAll

A Platform for Every ISP
123NET’s Fibre To The Home Open Access Network embraces inclusivity. Every Internet Service Provider (ISP), regardless of their size, is welcomed to utilize our shared physical network infrastructure. This unique approach allows any ISP to connect to our network and extend their services to customers. It’s an initiative that levels the playing field, enabling smaller ISPs to stand toe-to-toe with larger, established counterparts. The result? A landscape ripe for competition and innovation, translating into more competitive pricing and diverse service offerings for end-users.

Connecting End-Users to High-Speed Internet
As an end-user keen on leveraging the benefits of our high-speed internet, the power of choice is in your hands. Simply contact your preferred ISP to inquire if they are part of our network. If they are, you’re just steps away from experiencing unparalleled internet connectivity. In case your chosen ISP isn't yet on our network, feel free to encourage them to join our growing community. Alternatively, you can explore a variety of other ISPs already leveraging our network’s potential.

A Collaborative Ecosystem for Shared Success
Our open access network is more than just a technological infrastructure; it’s a thriving ecosystem that fosters mutual growth for ISPs and enhanced connectivity for end-users. By championing competition and fostering innovation, 123NET is committed to cultivating a more connected, sustainable, and economically thriving community for all.