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123NET Fibre: FreeInternetPackageโ€“ Unleash Unlimited Possibilities!

Welcome toa World Where Internet is Free!

In an era where connectivity is as vital as electricity, 123NET Fibre is breaking barriers with an extraordinary offer: a Free Internet Package that brings the world to your fingertips without a monthly fee.

Common PackageFeatures

With 123NET fibre, experience the freedom of boundless connectivity. Our common package features are designed to provide you with an unparalleled internet experience:
Speed That Speaks Volumes: Enjoy blazing fast internet with 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds. Perfect for streaming, gaming, and everyday browsing.
Zero Monthly Costs: Weโ€™re not kidding! Our 10/1 Mbps fibre internet comes at R 0.00/month. Absolutely no hidden fees or surprise charges.
No Contracts, No Hassles: Say goodbye to long-term commitments and complex agreements. Our service is free from binding contracts, offering you the freedom you deserve.
Unlimited Access: With 123NET Fibre, there are no data caps or restrictions. Unlimited fibre connectivity means endless possibilities.

Installation and Equipment:

One-Time Setup: A minimal one-time installation fee of R5000 applies, making sure youโ€™re connected without any recurring costs.
Quality Router Included: Receive a top-notch router as part of your installation. Itโ€™s on us โ€“ ensuring you have a seamless online experience.

Service Availability:

Our free internet service is currently available in select areas. Please check our coverage map on the website to see if your location qualifies.

123NET Fibreโ€“ Paving Your Way to the Digital Future

Join us in this revolution where access to information and digital resources is not a privilege, but a norm. Embrace the freedom of the Free Internet Package from 123NET Fibre โ€“ your reliable partner in connectivity.

123NET Fibreโ€“ Terms and Conditionsfor 10/1 FreeInternet

You can find the terms and conditions HERE

Check Eligibility

Visit our coverage map on our website.

Sign Up

If youโ€™re in a covered area, sign up directly through our website or contact our customer service team.

Enjoy Free Internet

Once set up, youโ€™re ready to enjoy limitless internet connectivity!