Navigating the Future of Home Internet: Expert Insights and Emerging Trends

Navigating the Future of HomeInternet: Expert Insights andEmerging Trends

The landscape of home internet is rapidly evolving, reshaping how we interact with technology in our daily lives. To delve into these changes, we've gathered insights from leading experts in the field, providing a glimpse into the future of home connectivity.

Harry Moseley, Chief Information OfficerofZoom Video Communications

Harry Moseley discusses the transformation in connectivity usage due to COVID-19. He emphasizes digital adoption across various sectors and how this shift is changing the work environment and innovation in connectivity technologies.

Jana Arbanas, US Telecom, Media&Entertainment Leader at Deloitte

Jana Arbanas talks about the future of work and innovation, highlighting the intensified focus on digital adoption and the impact of emerging connectivity trends. She points out how technologies have altered our daily lives, especially in the context of increased remote work and education.

Insights from Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center's exploration of AI and its impact on digital life by 2035 reveals both concerns and optimism. Experts predict significant benefits in health care, scientific advances, and education, but also raise concerns about the societal implications of widespread AI integration.

Home Tech Trends for 2023

Innovations in high-tech home maintenance, security, and smart appliances are rapidly advancing. Products like the Samsung Bespoke Four-Door Flex refrigerator and the GE Profile 鈩 Smart Mixer are redefining convenience and efficiency in home kitchens.


These expert insights paint a diverse and evolving picture of the home internet landscape. From the increased integration of AI to the advancement of home technology, we're on the brink of a new era in connectivity. As technology continues to integrate into every aspect of our homes, understanding and adapting to these changes will be crucial.