Free Internet for Schools: A Game-Changer for Education


In the digital age, the classroom extends beyond four walls. At 123NET, we believe every student deserves access to the vast learning resources the Internet offers. That's why we are proud to provide free fiber-based gigabit Internet with speeds of up to 1 gigabit to schools, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted learning.

Limitless Learning: With our high-speed fiber internet, classrooms can explore videos, embark on virtual field trips, and delve into online libraries, providing students an enriched educational experience.

Unwavering Commitment: Recognizing the indispensable role of the Internet in today's education, our free fiber internet service for schools stands as a testament to our commitment to the future – our children.

Always Supported: Schools can rely on our 24/7 dedicated support, ensuring they always have assistance when needed and guaranteeing consistent and reliable online access.

Every student deserves a chance at the best education. With 123NET's free fiber-based internet, we're propelling education into the future, making top-tier learning experiences accessible for all.

How it works

How It Works: Bringing Free Fiber Internet to Your School

Check Your Coverage: Begin by using our coverage checker tool to determine if your school is within our fiber service areas. If your school qualifies, follow the on-screen prompts to submit your application.
Reach Out: Contact us either by calling or sending an email to [email protected].
Schedule Installation: Once we receive your application and details, our team will work with you to set up a convenient time for the fiber installation.

With these straightforward steps, 123NET ensures your school is swiftly connected to our high-speed fiber network.

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Only schools located within 123NET Fibre coverage areas are eligible for the Empowering Education Initiative. You can use our Fibre coverage map to check if your school qualifies. If you find that Fibre is available in your area, simply call us or send an email to [email protected] to proceed. It's that easy!
We've designed our application process to be as straightforward as possible. Whether you call or email us to initiate the application, our team will guide you through each step seamlessly.
Absolutely not! 123NET covers all expenses associated with this initiative. This includes costs for installation, activation, provision of one ONU Router with a WiFi router, and the monthly Fibre line and data rental. Your school won't have to spend a penny.
Terms and Conditions

123NET School Connectivity Terms and Conditions:

1. Purpose of Connectivity: The connectivity provided by 123NET is primarily intended for use within the school premises to serve the staff, students, and everyone present. While schools have the discretion to offer access to visitors and parents, it should not compromise the primary beneficiaries—students and staff.

2. Duration of Agreement: The connection is supplied for an indefinite period until any changes are initiated by 123NET. Should there be a revision of this arrangement, all affected schools will receive prior notice.

3. Cancellation Policy: Schools wishing to cancel their services with 123NET must provide a one-month notice, via email, before our billing cycle begins on the 24th of each month.

4. Equipment Provision: 123NET will supply a Fibre ONU Router along with complimentary data, conditional upon approval by either a current promotional campaign or at the discretion of 123NET's decision-makers. Any additional equipment, software, or extensions the school requires must be procured and installed at their own expense. While 123NET can assist with the extension of Wi-Fi signals and other infrastructure requirements, these services come with associated costs.

5. Contact Information: It is essential to keep 123NET updated regarding any changes in the school's primary contact person (as provided during the sign-up). While 123NET won't be held responsible for updating these details, they must remain accurate for seamless communication.

6. Mutual Relationship: 123NET aspires to foster a reciprocal relationship with schools. In this partnership, we may request to leverage marketing opportunities or events that the school offers, free of charge. Our primary aim is to align our initiatives with the school's ethos, vision, and brand. We respect the school's space and will always discuss any promotional endeavors in advance, ensuring a collaborative agreement. This includes channels such as newsletters, the school's Facebook page, the D6 app (if applicable), and specific school events.

7. Signage: Upon completion of the Fibre installation, 123NET wishes to place signage at all school entrances, acknowledging our sponsorship.

8. Documentation: Should a school fail to provide necessary registration documents and the signed terms and conditions, 123NET reserves the right to withhold or terminate the service.

Live Schools

Live Schools

With 1Gb speed fibre line and Internet 1Gb speed.
Everything for free!!!

  • Atholton Primary School

  • Christopher Robin Pre-Primary School

  • Siphosethu Primary School

  • Natest Primary School

  • Phoenix Pioneer Primary School

  • Greenbury Secondary School

  • Clayhaven Primary School