How 123NET Is Addressing the Fibre Outages in La Lucia: Our Commitment to Reliable Service

How 123NET Is AddressingtheFibre Outagesin La Lucia: Commitment Beyond Connectivity

At 123NET, we are more than just an internet service provider and fibre network operator; we are a dedicated team committed to ensuring uninterrupted digital connectivity for our customers. The recent fibre outages in La Lucia have tested our resolve and underscored our commitment to not only address immediate issues but also improve infrastructure resilience for the future.

Challenges in La Lucia

This month, the La Lucia community faced significant challenges when their fibre service was disrupted by ongoing issues with road infrastructure. The road collapse during the last storm has left the municipality engaged in extensive repairs for over three weeks. On April 19th, during these repairs, a part of the soil wall near our fibre cables collapsed due to the excavations. Unfortunately, further excavation work on April 23rd led to another collapse, severing our cables once again. Despite these challenges not being directly caused by our actions, our response was swift and effective.

Immediate and Effective Response

Our teams were on-site immediately after each incident, working diligently to restore service. Following the disruption on April 19th, our technicians worked into the late hours to ensure connectivity was restored promptly. Today, on April 23rd, after the cables were severed around 14:00, they worked tirelessly to guarantee full restoration by 18:00. This rapid and efficient response underscores our dedication to ensuring that no customer is left without internet.

In addition to rapid repair efforts, 123NET is installing temporary poles on April 24th to elevate and protect the fibre cables from ongoing and future excavation impacts, ensuring that our network remains operational despite the ongoing road repairs.

  1. Our Long-Term Strategy

    These repeated incidents have prompted us to strengthen our long-term strategy for network resilience:

    1. Infrastructure Upgrades: We are investing in upgrading the physical infrastructure of our network to better withstand such incidents. This includes the use of higher-grade materials and more robust installation techniques.
    2. Advanced Monitoring Technologies: To predict and prevent potential disruptions, we are integrating cutting-edge monitoring technologies that provide real-time data on the health of our network.
    3. Enhanced Coordination with City Planners and Contractors: We are strengthening our collaboration with city planners and contractors involved in municipal projects. This coordination will ensure that our network’s integrity is considered during the planning and execution of city infrastructure projects.

Commitment to Communication and Community

We believe in keeping our customers informed and prepared. To this end, we are:

  • Improving Customer Communication: Enhancing our notification systems to provide timely and accurate information about potential service disruptions.
  • Community Engagement: Increasing our engagement with the communities we serve to understand and respond to their needs better. This includes community forums and regular updates on service improvements.

The challenges faced in La Lucia are a stark reminder of the broader challenges facing modern digital infrastructures. At 123NET, we are committed to learning from these challenges and improving. We are not just a service provider; we are a partner in connectivity, ensuring that every customer’s experience is reliable, secure, and uninterrupted.

We thank our customers for their patience and trust in us as we navigate these challenges. Our mission is clear— to deliver not just connectivity but the reliability that fosters trust and satisfaction. For updates on our progress and more information about our services, please visit our website at www.123net.co.za.

123NET is here not just to connect you today but to keep you connected always, with an unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.