Small BIZ Business Plans


Small BIZ Fibre

Get ready for more potential, more opportunity, and more of everything you expect from our Small BIZ Fibre plans. Most affordable on the market in South Africa!

Small BIZ S+

Small BIZ S+
  • Up To 30 Megabits
  • Symmetric Speeds
ZAR 649 /mo

Small BIZ L

Small BIZ L
  • Up To 70 Megabits
  • Symmetric Speeds
ZAR 749 /mo

Small BIZ XL

Small BIZ XL
  • Up To 125 Megabits
  • Symmetric Speeds
ZAR 849 /mo


  • Up To 250 Megabits
  • Symmetric Speeds
ZAR 949 /mo

All SMALL BIZ FIBRE packages prices and fees are

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Add-Ons And Options

+Premium LITE
Add 100 Megabits speed to National and Local networks - R150.00/pm
Wifi Router
Model depends on required package, please contact our sales or area manager - Depends on model, starting from R675.00
1 Gigabit (1000 Mbps) speed to National and Local networks R300.00/pm
VOIP Landline
you are welcome to visit our dedicated website
+Public Static IP
open IP address, use with care, security measures must be taken by customers - R300.00/pm
24/7 Support
24/7 support means customers can get help and find answers to questions as soon as they come up 24/7 and in real-time.
Construction Fees

Construction Fees (Once Off)

  • Month-to-month (*) - R2500.00 waived, R1500.00

  • 12 months - R2500.00 waived, R750.00

Common Construction Fee conditions for all periods.

Early termination/ cancellation fees calculation is based on R2500 Construction Fee even if waived for a promotion or other reasons.

Common Package Feature

Common Package Features

No data caps - download as much as you want

No shaping

No bandwidth throttling

Download and Upload speeds are symmetric with all packages

Perfect for streaming, DSTV, private clouds, VOIP, security cameras

No fair-usage-policies (FUP)

Gigabit capable Network Box included