Link The Communities and Partnership


In today's age, technology's power to bridge communities, backgrounds, and borders is undeniable. Through this lens, 123NET Fibre stands out, dedicated to harnessing technology's prowess to knit communities tighter.

123NET Fibre doesn't merely provide fibre connections; it is passionate about empowering communities. One of its most commendable initiatives is granting free community access to qualifying neighborhoods. This collaboration is with public and non-profit entities selected by the community, ensuring essential hubs like schools, libraries, community centers, and other public venues get free gigabit 123NET Fibre connectivity. This means communities have unhindered access to information, enabling learning and cooperation at unprecedented speeds.

Safety is another concern 123NET Fibre addresses. As part of their community-driven vision, they freely connect security cameras to their network for all security companies, facilitating community safety and playing a pivotal role in crime deterrence.

Their commitment doesn't stop here. 123NET Fibre actively collaborates with diverse businesses, institutions, and public organizations – churches, mosques, temples, hotels, rental agencies, parks, restaurants, and more. They do not merely work with them; they offer these entities free fibre lines and services, emphasizing their relentless commitment to community welfare.

Education, a sector that molds our future, benefits profoundly from 123NET Fibre's vision. By freely provisioning fibre lines and services to public schools, 123NET Fibre paves the way for seamless access to educational resources, facilitating teacher-student collaboration. Considering the recent pivot to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such a gesture is even more significant, ensuring no student is left behind due to connectivity constraints.

To sum it up, 123NET Fibre isn't just a company—it's a community partner, deeply committed to leveraging technology for societal uplift. Whether it's granting free access, bolstering security, or ensuring businesses and schools are connected, 123NET Fibre's initiatives underscore its pivotal role in community betterment. Their work, particularly in supporting public schools, deserves recognition and applause. With 123NET Fibre at the helm, communities are assured not just of connectivity, but of a brighter, inclusive future.

Link The Communities

At 123NET Fibre, our vision is clear: Use technology to weave people and communities closer together. As the digital age unfolds, we believe that unity and collaboration make both our world and the web richer. We're deeply committed to this ideal, which is why we proudly provide free 123NET Fibre access to designated community sites. From schools and libraries to community centers and other public institutions, we empower these pivotal community hubs with gigabit 123NET Fibre connections at absolutely no cost. Together, let's make every connection count.

Security cameras

123Net: Prioritizing Community Safety.

We've forged partnerships with security companies, granting them free access to connect their security cameras – no monthly fees involved. While others might charge for such services, our dedication to the community means we offer this crucial service at absolutely no cost!

Proud to be in collaboration with Blue Security and Marshall Security, among many others.

Security cameras

123NET: Strengthening Connections Across the Community

We're proud to work closely with a diverse array of establishments, providing them both Free Fibre lines and exceptional Fibre service offers. Our partners include:

Business parks
Religious institutions such as Churches, Mosques, and Temples
Hotels, BnB's, and Holiday flats
Rental agencies (Special Fibre service deal)
Public schools and parks
Residential complexes and new developments
Restaurants and coffee shops (Special Fibre service deal)
Whether you're a business, NGO, or any organization desiring top-tier connectivity, we invite you to reach out. Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected], and one of our representatives will be in touch to explore possibilities together.




Gigabit Internet for Communities

Every Community Link will benefit from a symmetric gigabit Internet connection, offering up to 1 Gbps for both upload and download, powered by 123NET fibre's robust network. We pledge to provide both the connection and the service completely free for the tenure outlined in our agreement with your community.

Around-the-Clock Support

We're committed to providing uninterrupted assistance. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, throughout the year, reachable via email and chat. Should any issues arise with Community Links, expect our on-site response by the next business day. Your community's reliable Internet connection is our priority, and we're here to ensure it.

IP Addresses

123NET fibre's Community Links includes:

Static public IPv4 addresses

Live Schools

Live Schools

With 1Gb speed fibre line and Internet 1Gb speed.
Everything for free!!!

  • Atholton Primary School

  • Christopher Robin Pre-Primary School

  • Siphosethu Primary School

  • Natest Primary School

  • Phoenix Pioneer Primary School

  • Greenbury Secondary School

  • Clayhaven Primary School