GO FIBRE PLANS – More information


Period of agreement linked to the package

  • Month-to-month / R2500

  • Month-to-month Fibre Pre-Installed / R2500.00, now R2000.00(**)

  • Month-to-month (with clawback) (***) / R2500.00, now R1500.00

  • Month-to-month Fibre Pre-Installed (with clawback) (***) / R2500.00, now R1000.00 (**)

  • 12 months / R2500.00, now R0.00

Add-ons and Options

  • Wi-Fi Router - click HERE

(**) Month-to-month: new agreement, fibre pre-installed in the premises. Construction fee waived. Activation fee depending on the service agreement signed (with or without clawback).

(***) Month-to-month: Should you cancel your account (or fall into a suspended state) within 12 months of activation, will clawback any subsidized construction fee, and you will need to return your network box and/ or free-to-use router.